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Seamless Data Backup Services

Are you worried about your data and looking for data backup and disaster services? Safeguard your data and business losses with powerful, simple, and automatic backups with Virtual Touch Pro.

We understand the importance of data for any business or individual. Our seamless data backup and disaster services in Seattle and beyond ensure that your important data is protected against unexpected disasters or data loss and is easily accessible. We provide services for both businesses and individuals, focusing on streamlined operations and ensuring peace of mind, even in challenging situations.

We provide data backup and disaster service for desktop computers, smartphones, tablets, laptops, and various other computing devices. Choose Virtual Touch Pro, a leading data backup and disaster service provider in Seattle, where data backup is not just a service but a guarantee of continuity and security for your digital assets.

Our Data Backup Services include

Local Backup

Cloud Backup

Backup is most important for a successful business.

Your business data is important for your business operations. We at Virtual Touch Pro assure you with a professional backup solution with monitoring, recovery, and support processes.

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Our Data Services Include

Data Security

Secure your data in few minutes.

Data Backup

Backup your data

Data Recovery

We'll recover your data.

Secure your data

Your business data is important for your business operations. We at Virtual Touch Pro assure you with a professional backup solution with monitoring, recovery, and support processes.

Disaster recovery service for minimal downtime

Disaster recovery services are very fast, which allows us to recover data and restore your server in hours only, not days.

Backup of Email, Cloud, and Web series

At Virtual Touch Pro we offer services to monitor, recover, and back up your all cloud data so that you can protect your company from data loss and cloud downtime.

Backup laptops on the go

If your employees are working from home, we will provide you with on-the-go services also to protect your client’s data. We protect mobile data, executive laptops, and sales data with our cloud backup software.

Continuous, 24*7 backup of company data

We at Virtual Touch Pro provide you with a 24*7 backup facility so that your business doesn’t interrupt. We help you with all kinds of data backup including open files also.

Our range of Backup Services

Local Backup

It consists hard drive that is physically attached to your device and collects and stores all your data on a regular basis.

Hybrid Backup

In hybrid we combine physical drives with cloud storage. It is beneficial for storing large files like photos, graphics and music.

Periodic Backup

In periodic backup, we can schedule your backup your backups to run on a daily, weekly and monthly to ensure minimal disruption to your day-to-day life.

Cloud Backup

In this type of backup, they secure your data on the internet. You can access your data from anywhere and anytime. Cloud backup can be downgraded and expanded at any time depending on your needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Cybersecurity is a practice through which we can defend our computers, networks, mobile phones, and electronic gadgets from malicious attacks. Cybersecurity helps us to save our electronic data and credentials.

We at Virtual Touch Pro offer you cybersecurity services like risk assessment, firewall security, network security, email spam filter, employee training, and anti ransomware software.

Cybersecurity helps you and your from cyber attacks, identity theft, and many more. it helps to prevent your files, important documents, data, and client credentials.

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