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    The variety and complexity of cyber security threats increases every day. Is your business ready to tackle this?
    Every business needs to install a basic layer of cyber protection to protect their business. We at Virtual Touch Pro provide you a cyber security to protect your business from any cyber-attacks. Our cyber products include:

    • Anti Ransomware software
    • Firewalls
    • Network monitoring
    • Email security and spam filter
    • Employee training

    Call us to implement layers of cyber security protection and get a complimentary network security scan.

    Certified Cybersecurity Expert in Seattle

    Seattle Certified Cybersecurity Specialist company for many brands in Your Area. This means our technicians have been certified through extensive training and testing to get you support for any type Ransomware Attack. Let our knowledge and experience get your Life Stress free today!

    Our leading security Partners

    Statistics of Cyber Threat*



    attacks involve human interaction



    increase in Ransomware attack more in last 5years



    threat comes from External breach

    Verizon 2022 Data breach Report**

    Cybersecurity Services

    Managed Security Services
    Our highly skilled technicians help you to detect threats and prevent. Our comprehensive package of security products and services includes the basics every business needs.
    Firewalls are a must for any cyber security. Our skilled technicians help you with the purchasing, installation, and maintenance of your firewalls.
    Employee Training
    Our highly skilled technicians will train your employees to scan and detect any cyber security threat to prevent a crash.
    Security Operations
    With the help of SOPHOS and MALWARE-BYTES we monitor and detect a threat and secure your system accordingly.
    We have a team of cyber experts who help you to install good antivirus software and always up to date your system to prevent any cyber-attacks.
    Network scan & Test
    We will scan your network and discover the weakness of your network so that we can protect your credentials for sale on the dark Web.
    11+ Years of experience in IT Solution & Security
    Anti-ransomware Security
    Cyber Security
    Data Backup
    Response time (60 mins)

    Why Cyber Security is important for business?

    Cyber security plays an important role in any business for several reasons. For example:

    First, cyber attacks are usually costly as if your computer is infected with any kind of viruses you need to hire an expert to investigate and repair the damage.

    Second, if hackers gain access to your computer, they can steal your client database or they can steal your personal information or your bank credentials which can lead to a financial loss.

    Third, cyber attacks can disturb your company’s operations and you can lose revenue for example if your employees are not able to access data due to cyber-attack and not able to perform on time you might lose your clients as well

    For Security

    Think out of the Box

    We have helped many businesses with cyber security and other security threats over the last 11 years. Our cyber security services are 100% guaranteed for every single business.

    Our skilled technicians and our best in-house cyber security technologies provide you with the safest and most secure services throughout the year.

    • Computer assessment and repairs
    • Data backup and recovery
    • Virus protection and removal
    • High speed internet setup
    • New Computer Setup
    • Phone and tablet repairs
    • Safety and security services
    • Laptop repair


    What is Cybersecurity?

    Cybersecurity is a practice through which we can defend our computers, networks, mobile phones, and electronic gadgets from malicious attacks. Cybersecurity helps us to save our electronic data and credentials.

    What cyber security services your company offers?

    We at Virtual Touch Pro offer you cybersecurity services like risk assessment, firewall security, network security, email spam filter, employee training, and anti ransomware software.

    Why do I need cyber security for my company?

    Cybersecurity helps you and your from cyber attacks, identity theft, and many more. it helps to prevent your files, important documents, data, and client credentials.

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      Get more info about us

      Leave a message. We will be there shortly

        Get more info about us

        Leave a message. We will be there shortly