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At Virtual Touch Pro, Seattle’s premier IT service provider, cybersecurity is our paramount focus. With cutting-edge technologies and a decade of expertise, we deliver robust protection against cyber threats. Our tailored solutions, proactive monitoring, and rapid response ensure your digital assets remain secure, allowing your business to thrive in a secure environment.
Our cyber products include:

Anti Ransomware Software


Networking Monitor

Email security and spam filter

Employee training


Call us at 1-800-717-6296 to implement layers of cyber security protection and get a complimentary network security scan.

Certified Cybersecurity support in Seattle

Virtual Touch Pro, a prominent IT company headquartered in Seattle, is a certified cybersecurity expert with over 13 years of industry leadership. Specializing in comprehensive cybersecurity solutions, we bring a wealth of experience to safeguarding digital assets, ensuring client’s security in the rapidly evolving landscape of information technology.

Our Leading Security Partner

Statistics of Cyber Threat*


Attacks involve human interaction


Increase in Ransomware attack more in last 5 years.


Threats comes from external breach

Cybersecurity Services

Managed Security Services

Virtual Touch Pro offers managed cybersecurity services, ensuring robust protection for businesses and homes. Our proactive solutions safeguard digital assets, providing peace of mind in an interconnected world.


Secure your network with Virtual Touch Pro's firewall services. Our expert solutions provide a robust barrier against cyber threats, ensuring the safety of your digital environment

Employee Training

Elevate your security posture with Virtual Touch Pro's Cybersecurity Awareness Training. Empower your team with knowledge to recognize and mitigate cyber threats, fostering a vigilant and secure work environment.

Security Operations

Virtual Touch Pro's intrusion detection systems vigilantly monitor network activities, promptly identifying and alerting on potential security breaches for immediate response and mitigation.


We have a team of cyber experts who will help you find and install the best-suited antivirus software as per your digital environment and will always keep your system up to date to prevent any cyber-attacks.

Network Scan & Test

Conduct a thorough network scan and test with Virtual Touch Pro for vulnerabilities. Use VPN to encrypt internet connections, ensuring secure data transmission and protecting privacy.


Years of experience in IT Solution & Security

Anti Ransomware Security
Data Security
Response time
VTP executives are resolving queries over the phone


Why Cyber Security Is Important For Business?

Cyber security plays an important role in any business for several reasons. For example:

First, cyber attacks are usually costly as if your computer is infected with any kind of viruses you need to hire an expert to investigate and repair the damage.

Second, if hackers gain access to your computer, they can steal your client database or they can steal your personal information or your bank credentials which can lead to a financial loss.

Third, cyber attacks can disturb your company’s operations and you can lose revenue for example if your employees are not able to access data due to cyber-attack and not able to perform on time you might lose your clients as well


Think Out Of The Box

We have helped many businesses with cyber security and other security threats over the last 11 years. Our cyber security services are 100% guaranteed for every single business.

Our skilled technicians and our best in-house cyber security technologies provide you with the safest and most secure services throughout the year.

  • Computer assessment and repairs
  • Data backup and recovery
  • Virus protection and removal
  • High speed internet setup
  • New Computer Setup
  • Phone and tablet repairs
  • Safety and security services
  • Laptop repair
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Frequently Asked Questions

Cybersecurity is a practice through which we can defend our computers, networks, mobile phones, and electronic gadgets from malicious attacks. Cybersecurity helps us to save our electronic data and credentials.

We at Virtual Touch Pro offer you cybersecurity services like risk assessment, firewall security, endpoint security, network security, email spam filter, Cybersecurity awareness Training, Anti-Virus and Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS).

Cybersecurity is vital for protecting your company against online threats, ensuring data confidentiality, preserving customer trust, and safeguarding financial and operational integrity in the digital landscape.

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